(09:00-10:00 UTC)

This session will demonstrate how to seamlessly incorporate Apache Airflow into daily task management applications. We will delve into how to integrate Airflow with existing communication and coordination tools with minimal disruption. By doing so, we aim to showcase the practical benefits of adopting a “keep the lights on” approach to workflow management that ensures tasks are completed efficiently and without delays. Through the utilization of Airflow, we can promptly deliver solutions while maintaining a streamlined stack devoid of the need for supplementary monitoring tools. This solution is approachable for beginners who have just started using Apache Airflow, but can be powerful even for veterans. Its goal is to act as the next step in the incident management automation journey.

Topics include:

  • Keeping notifications relevant/actionable while preventing alert fatigue

  • Integrating with your ticketing management system

  • Keeping stakeholders, and your co-workers, informed