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Airbyte Cloud makes it easy to move data from all of your disparate data into any of your data warehouses or data destinations. Set it once and never worry about moving your data again.

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In the spirit of making data portability as seamless as possible for both non-technical and technical users, we decided to build a CLI. Now users can perform scripting and automation around their data integrations to streamline their data infrastructure.Say hello to octavia-cli!

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Data Observability Platform for Data Engineers

Databand is the only proactive data observability platform for data engineering. Learn more about how we help engineerings catch bad data before it impacts their business.

Five Steps to Proactive Data Observability

Making sense of all your input data isn’t fun, especially when you’re consuming inputs from 10s to 1000s of data sources daily. If your data engineering teams are consuming massive amounts of data, across multiple data pipelines, it’s nearly impossible to be confident in the quality of your data. Instead of retroactive data monitoring, it’s time for more of a proactive approach to ensure better data quality. In this session we covered:

Engineering Guide: How to monitor Airflow with Promethus, StatsD and Grafana

Best practices written by data experts that will help you and your data engineering team to Better monitor your Airflow pipelines Configure an open-source observability dashboard Discover how to trust your data

The Top Data Quality Metrics You Need to Know (With Examples)

We’ve compiled a list of the top data quality metrics that you can use to measure the quality of the data in your environment. Plus, we’ve added a few screenshots that highlight each data quality metric you can view in Databand’s observability platform. Take a look and let us know what other metrics you think we need to add!

Databand Overview Demo

See how Databand monitors missing data, schema changes, and delayed deliveries from your data sources.

Ebook: How Much Does Bad Data Cost You?

We analyzed hundreds of warehouses and millions oftables to help you understand the true cost of your datadowntime.( It’s greater than you think). A companion guide to the Data Quality Value Calculator. How much does baddata cost YOU?

O’Reilly Book: Data Quality Fundamentals

We are excited to announce the early release of Data Quality Fundamentals: A Practitioner’s Guide to Building More Trustworthy Data Pipelines. We’re thrilled to share these new chapters with you for FREE. Enjoy!

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