Workshop: Getting started with Apache Airflow

Speaker(s): Fokko Driesprong
When: (Jul-9 16:00 UTC)

Participation in this workshop requires previous registration and has limited capacity. Get your ticket at

In this workshop we’ll give you a full introduction into Airflow and you will learn how to create your first DAG. We will use Cloud Composer on the Google Cloud, which makes it easy for everyone to get started and have your first DAG up and running.

We will go over all the theory behind Airflow, visit the terminology, and start writing our first DAG. After this workshop you should feel comfortable to write, monitor and debug your own DAGs.


  • Knowledge: No prior Airflow knowledge is required, but you need to have a basic understanding of the Python programming language.
  • Infrastructure: Since we will be using Cloud Composter, our execution environment will be in the Cloud. The only thing you need to have installed locally is git and your favorite Python IDE.
  • Account/registration: We will be pushing from GitHub to Google Cloud, so you will be needing a GitHub account.