Now… the CfP is open! We are ready to find the cornerstones of this conference. The topics we will be considering this year are:

  • Airflow Intro talks: Gentle introduction to Airflow for new Airflow users

  • New features: Using the new features of Airflow for experienced Airflow users

  • Use Cases: Using Airflow for various sizes of businesses

  • Committer/Roadmap: What new things are coming to Airflow and why

  • Airflow as a platform: Building on top of Airflow to make it more powerful

  • Community: See below for a more detailed description

  • Workshops: Any content relevant to Airflow (2-3 hours)

There will also be all kinds of non-coding and diverse skilled members of the community who do not necessarily code but contribute to the overall health and strength of the community - this will be a great chance to meet them and see some of the talks. If you have a subject that you would like to submit in that area - you are more than welcome!

If you have any questions regarding the CFP or would like guidance from the Program Committee, feel free to share a message at #airflowsummit-speakers channel in the Apache Airflow Slack.