The Faces of Airflow: A peek into the past and future

by Kaxil Naik, Pierre Jeambrun, Jarek Potiuk, Ash Berlin-Taylor & Marc Lamberti
Airflow is almost 10 years old! Since starting out at AirBnB, the project has taken all sorts of twists and turns before getting to where it is now. Through its lifecycle, Airflow has seen an explosion of contributors (over 2400 and counting), end users, use cases, and so much more. This panel, moderated by Marc Lamberti, will be about some of the faces that have helped make Airflow what it is.

The Future of Airflow: What Users Want

by Jarek Potiuk, Viraj Parekh, Rafal Biegacz & John Jackson
There are so many ways to run Airflow and as such, lots of folks responsible for running Airflow for downstream users. While many orgs go with a managed service(Astronomer, AWS MWAA, Google Cloud Composer), many also prefer running an Airflow platform themselves. This panel will be about what users want from a managed Airflow service, from the perspective of those charged with providing one. We’ll talk about use cases, roadmaps, and best practices that’ve been accumulated along the way.