As an Airflow Summit attendee, we’re thrilled to offer you an in-person opportunity to take an Airflow Certification exam at no additional cost. Depending on your skill level, you can take one of two exams:

  • Apache Airflow Fundamentals
  • DAG Authoring for Apache Airflow (Advanced)

The Airflow Fundamentals exam tests for core Airflow concepts. This includes DAGs, tasks, operators, scheduling, and basic DAG-writing best practices. The DAG Authoring exam tests for advanced Airflow functionality such as dynamic tasks, TaskFlow API, and templating. Both exams consist of 75 multiple choice questions that you must complete in 60 minutes. To pass, you must answer 70% of the questions correctly.

The workshop will include 20 mins of preparation and a Q&A with Marc Lamberti from Astronomer. Then, you will take the exam in the room with your own laptop. You may not use a mobile device.

You will be given your result in real-time and a badge shortly after. All attendees that pass will receive an exclusive gift from the conference. Attendees who receive a 100% on the exam will receive an additional prize. We know you can do it!

To learn more about how to prepare for the Airflow Certification, visit the Astronomer Academy.