The Apache Airflow community is so large and active that it’s tempting to take the view that “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

In a community as in a codebase, however, improvement and attention are essential to sustaining growth. And bugs are just as inevitable in community management as they are in software development. If only the fixes were, too!

Airflow is large and growing because users love Airflow and our community. But what steps could be taken to enhance the typical user’s and developer’s experience of the community?

This talk will provide an overview of potential learnings for Airflow community management efforts, such as project governance and analytics, derived from the speaker’s experience managing the OpenLineage and Marquez open-source communities.

The talk will answer questions such as: What can we learn from other open-source communities when it comes to supporting users and developers and learning from them? For example, what options exist for getting historical data out of Slack despite the limitations of the free tier? What tools can be used to make adoption metrics more reliable? What are some effective supplements to asynchronous governance?