Presented at Airflow Summit 2020

At Nielsen Digital we have been moving our ETLs to containerized environments managed by Kubernetes. We have successfully transferred some of our ETLs to this environment in production. In order to do this we used the following technologies: Helm to easily deploy Airflow on to Kubernetes; Airflow’s Kubernetes Executor to take full advantage Kubernetes features; and Airflow’s Kubernetes Pod Operator in order to execute our containerized Tasks within our DAGs. To automate a lot of the deployment process we also used Terraform. Lastly, Kubernetes features were used to gain much more fine grained control of Airflows infrastructure.

Join me in this talk to take an in depth look at how we used these technologies, why we used these technologies, and the results of using them so far. I will also briefly go over some features coming in Airflow 2.0 that we are considering to use in our workflows.