Amit Kumar

GoDaddy, Principal Software Engineer and Architect

Amit has over 15 years of experience in the Data Platform and Data Engineering fields across various industries in Tech. He has worked on projects involving Real time Streaming, Batch, Airflow, Apache Beam, Flink, Spark, Java, Python, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Kafka, Data Catalog. Amit is experienced in Distributed Systems, Big Data, Orchestration frameworks and building SDK components for Data Pipelines.

Amit has driven the usage, architecture, adoption of best practices, implementation and maintained end-to-end infra for Apache Airflow for multiple Data Engineering and Analytics teams and platform capabilities by building useful frameworks, plugins, CICD including enabling Great Expectations for Data Quality.

He has architected and created Central Data Lake Catalog to enable and Democratize Data Lake Mesh Model in GoDaddy for data Producers and Consumers. He has also mentored and trained junior engineers and helped guide project teams through the software development lifecycle

Sessions by Amit Kumar