Laura Zdanski

Senior Technical Writer - Astronomer

Starting my Technical Writing career in Environmental Science, I wrote reports about endangered wildlife management and renewable energy development. I didn’t expect my career to move into software development. However, during my Masters in Technical Communication, I was first introduced to Open Source in an Internship at Red Hat and fell in love with the Open Source focus on both community and technology development.

Since that internship, I worked on docs, accessibility, and localization for Cloud infrastructure, SaaS offerings, on-prem software, and Quantum Computing at IBM. I then moved to work on the Stripe Docs team, leading the Stripe Payments docs team, working on Video in Docs, conducting quantitative and qualitative user research, and helping software engineers improve their technical writing expertise.

I’m currently a Senior Technical Writer at Astronomer, where I work on docs for both Airflow and Astronomer tools.

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