Tatiana Al-Chueyr Martins

Principal Data Engineer, BBC

Tatiana uses open-source and machine learning technology to create scalable and high-performance systems for the BBC.

She has always been passionate about improving people’s lives by using technology. Her career started over 16 years ago when she was still studying to become a Computer Engineer at Unicamp, Brazil. Her first job was to build a 3D visualisation software that helped surgeons planning complex medical procedures. This application helped thousands of professionals and patients across dozens of countries. She learned how to develop high-quality and scalable software while working for Globo, the third-largest media conglomerate in the world. Since then, she applied technology in several industries, including research and education. She has worked both in the Brazilian and British public and private sectors. Since February 2018, she has been part of the BBC Datalab team, contributing to how the organisation informs, educates and entertains the world.

Sessions by Tatiana Al-Chueyr Martins