Zdravko Hvarlingov

Financial Times, Senior Data Engineer

As a driven and ambitious Software & Data Engineer, I am always seeking opportunities to push the boundaries of IT innovation and grow both personally and professionally.

My passion for software development began during my early high school years, and since then, I have continuously pursued my interest in this field. Recently, I completed my Master’s degree program in Information Retrieval and Knowledge Discovery, building upon my previous degree in Computer Science.

I have been working professionally in the field, and I thrive on challenges and collaboration with other experts in the industry. My areas of expertise include Software & Data Engineering, algorithms, data structures, Big Data, and AI. I am always on the lookout for unique and mind-blowing real-world problems to solve with my team.

Currently, I am co-leading a sub-team within the Big Data Financial Times team. Our focus is on extending the company’s ETL capabilities using Airflow as our primary tool.

Sessions by Zdravko Hvarlingov