The event will now be completely online and the date will be moved to “Summer 2020”. We are working on defining specific format and dates, and will communicate that in the coming weeks.

We are thrilled by the number and quality of submissions we got thus far. We have not expected that many great proposals and we also know there are many people who did not manage to make their submissions on time (and asked us to extend the deadline). We really would like to share all this content and experiences of the speakers from all around the world - and we are excited to see those talks and take part in discussions that follow!

We know that an online event doesn’t provide the in-person networking benefits of a physical conference, and we’re sad to miss out on that too, but this is an opportunity for our community to do our part to help contain or slow the virus.

On the positive side, the speaker content submissions are off the charts exciting, so we want to push through getting this content out to the greater Apache Airflow community. Please review the following information depending on your case.

For attendees

If you have already purchased a ticket to attend, we will reimburse it completely without any fees. You should hear from us about this by March 20th, 2020. In case you had already incurred travel expenses, we understand that most airlines and hotels are waiving change fees due to the situation. However, if you are charged an additional fee due to this change please contact us at

We are evaluating if the online only event will have a cost of participation or not. If possible, we would like to make it free but we are reviewing the expenses that we had already incurred and how much support we can get from sponsors for the online event and based on that we will make this decision.

For speakers

We thank all speakers who have confirmed their participation or sent submissions through the CFP and hope that you can join in the online event. We have amazing content and doing the event online will allow us to make sure that it reaches as many people as possible.

Due to the format and date change we have reopened the call for papers. The CFP is available at and will be open until Saturday 4th of April.

For partners

We thank partners for their understanding and support in this situation. We are currently working on defining sponsoring opportunities in the new event format. We will be contacting you and hope that you can still participate.

Thank you for your understanding. We hope you can join us for Airflow Summit 2020.


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Making sense of the schedule structure of Airflow Summit

With 39 talks distributed in 13 blocks along 10 days and with two possible time sets, the schedule structure of Airflow Summit is a bit complex. Here we explain it in more detail, as well as the rationale behind it.

Airflow Summit will be held from July 6th to 17th, 2020

Talks and workshops will be held during 4 hours each day of the summit. We are very excited by the quality and quantity of submissions in our CFP.