Wisdoms learnt when contributing to Apache Airflow

In this talk, I am going to share things that I learned while contributing to Apache Airflow. I am an Outreachy Intern for Apache Airflow. I made my first contribution to Open Source in the Apache Airflow project. I will also add a short description about myself and my experience working in Software Engineering and how i needed help in contributing to open source and ended up as an Intern for Outreachy. I also like to share about my first contribution towards Apache Airflow in its doc and how much confidence it gave me to continue contributing to it.

Key things that I learned when contributing to Apache Airflow are:

  • Clear communication in written form is very powerful.
  • Code is not an asset and don’t worry about throwing it away.
  • Don’t feel shy about asking questions.
  • Open Source is a rich ecosystem where each projects help each other and thrive.
  • Trivial things became no more trivial to me.

While the above things are overall learning about open source contribution, I had specific important learnings for me which include writing unit tests, got to communicate with developers across the globe, improved written style of communication, knowing about many python libraries, understanding the CI pipeline.