Airflow the perfect match in our analytics pipeline

Presented at Airflow Summit 2020

For three years we at LOVOO, a market-leading dating app, have been using the Google Cloud managed version of Airflow, a product we’ve been familiar with since its Alpha release. We took a calculated risk and integrated the Alpha into our product, and, luckily, it was a match. Since then, we have been leveraging this software to build out not only our data pipeline, but also boost the way we do analytics and BI.

The speaker will present an overview of the software’s usability for Pipeline Error Alerting through BashOperators that communicate with Slack and will touch upon how they built their Analytics Pipeline (deployment and growth) and currently batch big amounts of data from different sources effectively using Airflow. We will also showcase our PythonOperators-driven RedShift to BigQuery data migration process, as well as offer a guide for creating fully dynamic tasks inside DAG.