Presented at Airflow Summit 2020

In this talk, we share the lessons learned while building a scheduler-as-a-service leveraging Apache Airflow to achieve improved stability and security for one of the largest gaming companies. The platform integrates with different data sources and meets varied SLA’s across workflows owned by multiple game studios. In particular, we present a comprehensive self-serve airflow architecture with multi-tenancy, auto-dag generation, SSO-integration with improved ease of deployment.

Within Electronic Arts, to provide scheduler-as-a-service and to support hundreds of thousands of execution workflows, each team requires an isolated environment with access to a central data lake containing several petabytes of anonymized player and game metrics. Leveraging Airflow, each team is provided a private code repository and namespace with which they can deploy their DAGs at their own behest. To support agile development cycles, a private testing sandbox and auto-deployment to an isolated multi-tenant airflow platform has been made available to game studios.

In production, a single dockerized airflow deployment on Kubernetes is utilized to ensure highly availability and single-step deployment. Custom SSO-integration and RBAC-based operator and sensor whitelisting allows for secure logical isolation. In addition, providing dynamic DAG instantiation capability helps address varied SLA’s during game launch seasons that are staggered through a financial year.