I always get so amazed to learn about how people use Airflow in new creative ways and take it to all sorts of new levels!

Maxime Beauchemin
Creator of Apache Airflow

One thing I love about the Airflow Summit is hearing from people all over the world. It's so cool when a presenter located thousands of miles away from me shares something that I find useful and we're able to then connect afterwards on the Airflow community Slack and to learn from each other.

Leah Cole
Developer Programs Engineer at Google

Proud to be a part of an amazing community, Airflow Summit 2021 had plenty of good vibes in hard times. I'm very excited for the 2022 edition!

Alaeddine Maaoui
Product Owner at Société Générale

It's amazing to see the engagement and the constant growing maturity of the content presented. Not only do we have a greater proximity to the community, but we also have a super organization for that.

Rafael Ribaldo
Data Engineering Manager at QuintoAndar

I really enjoyed the last two editions of the Airflow Summit— there were many interesting use cases and a lot of practical Airflow knowledge presented by the worldwide community.

Kengo Seki
Apache Airflow Committer

The Airflow Summit is simply amazing! You see how different companies use Airflow, how they modify it and what new features they add. It's super interesting for developers like me.

Ephraim Anierobi
Airflow developer at Astronomer

I was amazed to see that so many of the world's biggest & tech-savvy companies are heavily invested in Apache Airflow. Seeing how Airflow seamlessly integrated with their infrastructure & playing a crucial role in their mission-critical ETL/DS/ML pipelines was mind-blowing.

Sumit Maheshwari
Engineering Leader at Astronomer India

It can be hard to keep up with all the great things going on in the Airflow community. For me the Airflow Summit is my chance to focus and learn the practices and technology that allow us to push our Airflow installations to meet their full potential.

Brian Lavery
Staff Software Engineer at The New York Times