We will be offering hands-on workshops on how to use or contribute to Apache Airflow.

  • Format & duration: The workshops will be done through Zoom and will have a total duration of 2.5 hours, including small breaks and some time for participants to interact with each other.
  • Capacity: At the moment, we are limiting capacity to 25 participants per workshop. We will enable a wait list and see if it is necessary to open more.
  • Price: Workshops have a price of $25 USD per person, but we also have scholarships available for those who cannot pay. All proceedings are donated to the Apache Software Foundation.

Workshop: Contributing to Apache Airflow

Date: May-27 13:00-15:30 UTC
Instructor(s): Jarek Potiuk & Elad Kalif

Learn how to setup a development environment, how to pick your first issue, how to communicate effectively within the community and how to make your first PR.

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Workshop: Running Airflow within Cloud Composer

Date: May-27 14:30-17:00 UTC
Instructor(s): Rafal Biegacz, Leah Cole, Bartosz Jankiewicz, Przemek Więch & Filip Knapik

Hands on workshop showing how easy it is to deploy Airflow in a public Cloud. This workshop is mostly targeted at Airflow newbies and users who would like to learn more about Cloud Composer.

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TFX on Airflow with delegation of processing to third party services

Date: May-27 16:00-18:30 UTC
Instructor(s): Israel Herraiz & Paul Balm

Learn how to externalize any TFX heavyweight computing outside Airflow, while maintaining Airflow as the orchestrator for your machine learning pipelines.

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An Introduction to Data Lineage with Airflow and Marquez

Date: May-27 17:30-20:00 UTC
Instructor(s): Michael Robinson & Ross Turk

Learn how to collect and visualize lineage from a basic Airflow pipeline using Marquez. You will need to understand the basics of Airflow, but no experience with lineage is required.

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