We will be offering hands-on workshops on how to use or contribute to Apache Airflow.

  • Format & duration: The workshops will be done through Zoom and will have a total duration of 3 hours, including small breaks and some time for participants to interact with each other.
  • Time: Workshops are being scheduled for 4-7pm UTC (9am-12pm America/Pacific).
  • Capacity: At the moment, we are limiting capacity to 25 participants per workshop. We will enable a wait list and see if it is necessary to open more groups.
  • Price: Workshops have a price of $50 USD per person. Buy your ticket by following the corresponding link for each workshop (see below).

Workshop: Getting started with Apache Airflow

Thursday, July 9

Learn how to create your first DAG with an Airflow instance on the cloud via Cloud Composer

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Workshop: Best Practices for running Airflow on Kubernetes

Friday, July 10

Learn all of the ins-and-outs of running Airflow on Kubernetes.

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Workshop: Contributing to Apache Airflow

Wednesday, July 15

Learn how to become a code contributor to the Apache Airflow project.

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