Hey maintainer (and user), exercise your empathy!

This talk is a walk through throug a number of ways maintainers of open-source projects (for example Airflow) can improve the communication with their users by exercising empathy.

This subject is often overlooked in the cirriculum of average developer and contributor, but one that can make or break the product you developed, simply because it will become more approachable for users. Maintainers often forget or simply do not realize how many assumptions they have in their head.

There are a number of techniques maintainers can use to improve it. This talk will walk through a number of examples (from Airflow and other projects), reasoning and ways how communication between maintainers and users can be improved - in the code, documentation, communication but also with involving and engaging the users they are commmunicating with, as more often than not - the users might be of great help when it comes to communication with them - if only asked.

This talk is for both - maintainers and users, as I consider communication between users and maintainers two way street.