An Introduction to Data Lineage with Airflow and Marquez

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Data lineage might seem like a complicated and unapproachable topic, but that’s only because data pipelines are complicated. The core concept is straightforward: trace and record the journey of datasets as they travel through a data pipeline.

Marquez, a lineage metadata server, is a simple thing designed to watch complex things. It tracks the movement of data through complex pipelines using a straightforward, clear object model of Jobs, Datasets, and Runs. The information it gathers can be used to help you more effectively understand, communicate, and solve problems. The interactive UI allows you to see exactly where any inefficiencies have developed or datasets have become compromised.

In this workshop, you will learn how to collect and visualize lineage from a basic Airflow pipeline using Marquez. You will need to understand the basics of Airflow, but no experience with lineage is required.