Astronomer has hosted over 100 Airflow webinars designed to educate and inform the community on best practices, use cases, and new features. The goal of these events is to increase Airflow’s adoption and ensure everybody, from new users to experienced power users, can keep up with a project that is evolving faster than ever. When new releases come out every few months, it can be easy to get stuck in past versions of Airflow. Instead, we want existing users to know how new features can make their lives easier, new users to know that Airflow can support their use case, and everybody to know how to implement the features they need and get them to production. This talk will cover some of the key learnings we’ve gathered from 2.5 years of conducting webinars aimed at supporting the community in growing their Airflow use, including how to best cater DevRel efforts to the many different types of Airflow users and how to effectively push for the adoption of new Airflow features.