FanDuel Group, an industry leader in sports-tech entertainment, is proud to be recognized as the #1 sports betting company in the US as of 2023 with 53.4% market share. With a workforce exceeding 4,000 employees, including over 100 data engineers, FanDuel Group is at the forefront of innovation in batch processing orchestration platforms. Currently, our platform handles over 250,000 DAG runs & executes ~3 million tasks monthly across 17 deployments. It provides a standardized framework for pipeline development, structured observability, monitoring, & alerting. It also offers automated data processing managed by an in-house team, enabling stakeholders to concentrate on core business objectives. Our batch ingestion platform is the backbone of endless use cases, facilitating the landing of data into storage at scheduled intervals, real-time ingestion of micro batches triggered by events, standardization processes, & ensuring data availability for downstream applications. Our proposed session also delves into our forward-looking tech strategy as well as addressing the expansion of orchestration diversity by integrating scheduled jobs from various domains into our robust data platform.