On September 21st we will be offering hands-on workshops so you can get practical experience with Airflow tools and managed offerings.


Airflow and Data Mesh: Architecture, setup & monitoring

by M Waqas Shahid
In this workshop you will learn why and how to set up a data mesh architecture based on Apache Airflow.

Building an Airflow Pipeline with dbt and Snowflake

by Rishi Kar & George Yates
In this workshop you will learn how to simplify your data pipelines in the Snowflake Data Cloud.

Contributing to Apache Airflow

by Jarek Potiuk, Hussein Awala & Elad Kalif
Learn how you can become a contributor to Apache Airflow. From setting up an environment to making your first pull request.

Developing Modern ETL Pipelines on Apache Airflow with Astro Python SDK

by Luan Moreno Medeiros Maciel & Tatiana Al-Chueyr Martins
The main objective of this workshop is to demonstrate how Apache Airflow, together with the Astro Python SDK, can be used to orchestrate data pipelines and perform ETL processes in a scalable and performant way for professionals. During the workshop, you will learn how to easily create pipelines in Apache Airflow with the Astro Python SDK, fully open-source and accelerated by Astronomer company. Acquiring the skills from this workshop will enable you to implement data pipelines with few lines of code, using the best practices and recommendations in the market.

Get Airflow Certified

by Marc Lamberti
During Airflow Summit you can take an Airflow Certification exam at no additional cost. We will have beginner and advanced level certifications available.

Hands-on Data Observability with Airflow + Modern Data Stack

by Eric Jones
Hands on workshop showing how data observability can work within your Airflow and Modern Data Stack.

Lineage and Disaster Recovery procedures for Airflow based on Cloud Composer & Google Cloud Platform

by Filip Knapik, Michal Modras, Rafal Biegacz, Bartosz Jankiewicz, Leah Cole, Victor Aoqui & Arun Joy Vattoly
Hands on workshop for medium/advanced Airflow users who would like to know more about Airflow and Composer and use features like data lineage to enhance observability and disaster recovery procedures.

Performance optimize your Apache Airflow environment

by Aneel Murari & Parnab Basak
Learn how to optimize your Apache Airflow environment. You will get hands-on experience implementing techniques and best practices and see how they improve the performance of the Airflow environment.