These are the sessions that were presented at Airflow Summit 2021. For previous editions check the archive.

Title Speaker(s) Recording Slides

Advanced Superset for Engineers (API’s, Version Controlled Dashboards, & more)

Srini Kadamati

Airflow and Analytics Engineering - Dos and don'ts

Sergio Camilo Fandiño Hernández

Airflow as the Foundation of a Multi-Faceted Data Platform

Ry Walker & Jay Sen

Airflow Extensions for Streamlined ETL Backfilling

Ravi Autar

Airflow Journey @SG

Ahmed Chakir & Alaeddine Maaoui

Airflow loves Kubernetes

Jarek Potiuk & Kaxil Naik

Airflow: The Power of Stitching Services Together

Rafal Biegacz & Filip Knapik

An On-Demand Airflow Service for Internet Scale Gameplay Pipelines

Nitish Victor & Yuanmeng Zeng

Apache Airflow 2.0 on Amazon MWAA

John Jackson & Sam Dengler

Apache Airflow and Ray: Orchestrating ML at Scale

Daniel Imberman

Apache Airflow at Apple - Multi-tenant Airflow and Custom Operators

Roberto Santamaria & Howie Wang

Apache Airflow at Wise

Alexandra Abbas

Autoscaling in Airflow - Lessons learned

Mateusz Henc & Anita Fronczak

Building a robust data pipeline with the dAG stack: dbt, Airflow, Great Expectations

Sam Bail

Building a Scalable & Isolated Architecture for Preprocessing Medical Records

Mikaela Pisani & Anthony Figueroa

Building an Elastic Platform Using Airflow Uniquely as an Orchestrator

Rafael Ribaldo & Lucas Fonseca

Building Providers & DAGs in the Airflow Ecosystem

Plinio Guzman

Building the AirflowEventStream

Jelle Munk

Building the Data Science Platform with Airflow @Near

Manmeet Kaur

Clearing Airflow obstructions

Tatiana Al-Chueyr Martins

Contributing to Apache Airflow | Journey to becoming Airflow's leading contributor

Kaxil Naik

Contributing to Apache Airflow: First Steps

Ryan Hatter

Create Your Custom Secrets Backend for Apache Airflow - A guided tour into Airflow codebase

Xiaodong DENG

Creating Data Pipelines with Elyra, a visual DAG composer and Apache Airflow

Alan Chin

Customizing Xcom to enhance data sharing between tasks

Vikram Koka & Ephraim Anierobi

Data Lineage with Apache Airflow using OpenLineage

Julien Le Dem & Willy Lulciuc

Data Pipeline HealthCheck for Correctness, Performance, and Cost Efficiency

Shivnath Babu

Dataclasses as Pipeline Definitions in Airflow

Madison Swain-Bowden

Deep dive in to the Airflow scheduler

Ash Berlin-Taylor

Discussion panel: Keep your Airflow secure

Tomasz Urbaszek, Ash Berlin-Taylor, Jarek Potiuk & Dolev Farhi

Drift Bio: The Future of Microbial Genomics with Apache Airflow

Eli Scheele

Dynamic Security Roles in Airflow for Multi-Tenancy

Mark Merling & Sean Lewis

Event-based Scheduling Based on Airflow

Wuchao Chen

Guaranteeing pipeline SLAs and data quality standards with Databand

Josh Benamram & Vinoo Ganesh

Introducing Viewflow: a framework for writing data models without writing Airflow code

Gaëtan Podevijn

Lessons Learned while Migrating Data Pipelines from Enterprise Schedulers to Airflow

Shivnath Babu & Hari Nair

Looking ahead: What comes after Airflow 2.0?

aizhamal-nurmamat & Ash Berlin-Taylor

Modernize a decade old pipeline with Airflow 2.0

QP Hou, Kuntal Basu, Stas Bytsko & Dmitry Suvorov

MWAA: Design Choices and Road Ahead

Subash Canapathy & John Jackson

Next-Gen Astronomer Cloud

Ry Walker & Greg Neiheisel

Operating contexts: patterns around defining how a DAG should behave in dev, staging, prod & beyond

Maxime Beauchemin

Orchestrating ELT with Fivetran and Airflow

Nick Acosta

Pinterest’s Migration Journey

Ace Haidrey, Euccas Chen, Yulei Li, Dinghang Yu & Ashim Shrestha

Productionizing ML Pipelines with Airflow, Kedro, and Great Expectations

Kenten Danas

Provision as a Service: Automating data center operations with Airflow at Cloudflare

Jet Mariscal

Reverse ETL on Airflow

Russell Dervay

Robots are your friends - using automation to keep your Airflow operators up to date

Leah Cole

Running Big Data Applications in production with Airflow + Firebolt

Boaz Farkash

SciDAP: Airflow and CWL-powered bioinformatics platform

Nick Luckey & Michael Kotliar

The new modern data stack - Airbyte, Airflow, DBT

Michel Tricot

The Newcomer's Guide to Airflow's Architecture

Andrew Godwin

Upgrading to Apache Airflow 2

Kaxil Naik

Usability Improvements: Debugging & Inspection Tooling

Ace Haidrey, Euccas Chen, Yulei Li, Dinghang Yu & Ashim Shrestha

Workshop: Contributing to Apache Airflow

Jarek Potiuk & Tomasz Urbaszek

Writing Dry Code in Airflow

Sarah Krasnik

You don’t have to wait for someone to fix it for you

Rachael Deacon-Smith & Leah Cole