These are the sessions that were presented at Airflow Summit 2021. For previous editions check the archive.

Title Speaker(s) Recording Slides
Contributing to Apache Airflow | Journey to becoming Airflow's leading contributor Kaxil Naik
Contributing to Apache Airflow: First Steps Ryan Hatter
Discussion panel: Keep your Airflow secure Tomasz Urbaszek, Ash Berlin-Taylor, Jarek Potiuk & Dolev Farhi
You don’t have to wait for someone to fix it for you Rachael Deacon-Smith & Leah Cole
Airflow as the Foundation of a Multi-Faceted Data Platform Ry Walker & Jay Sen
Apache Airflow at Apple - Multi-tenant Airflow and Custom Operators Roberto Santamaria & Howie Wang
Lessons Learned while Migrating Data Pipelines from Enterprise Schedulers to Airflow Shivnath Babu & Hari Nair
Airflow Journey @SG Ahmed Chakir Alaoui & Alaeddine Maaoui
Building an Elastic Platform Using Airflow Uniquely as an Orchestrator Rafael Ribaldo & Lucas Fonseca
Data Pipeline HealthCheck for Correctness, Performance, and Cost Efficiency Shivnath Babu
Workshop: Contributing to Apache Airflow Jarek Potiuk & Tomasz Urbaszek
Looking ahead: What comes after Airflow 2.0? aizhamal-nurmamat & Ash Berlin-Taylor
Airflow: The Power of Stitching Services Together Rafal Biegacz & Filip Knapik
Pinterest’s Migration Journey Ace Haidrey, Euccas Chen, Yulei Li, Dinghang Yu & Ashim Shrestha
The Newcomer's Guide to Airflow's Architecture Andrew Godwin
Dataclasses as Pipeline Definitions in Airflow Madison Swain-Bowden
Creating Data Pipelines with Elyra, a visual DAG composer and Apache Airflow Alan Chin
Apache Airflow and Ray: Orchestrating ML at Scale Daniel Imberman
Event-based Scheduling Based on Airflow Wuchao Chen
Provision as a Service: Automating data center operations with Airflow at Cloudflare Jet Mariscal
Introducing Viewflow: a framework for writing data models without writing Airflow code Gaëtan Podevijn
Create Your Custom Secrets Backend for Apache Airflow - A guided tour into Airflow codebase Xiaodong DENG
Robots are your friends - using automation to keep your Airflow operators up to date Leah Cole
Airflow and Analytics Engineering - Dos and don'ts Sergio Camilo Fandiño Hernández
SciDAP: Airflow and CWL-powered bioinformatics platform Nick Luckey & Michael Kotliar
Next-Gen Astronomer Cloud Ry Walker & Greg Neiheisel
Apache Airflow at Wise Alexandra Abbas
Orchestrating ELT with Fivetran and Airflow Nick Acosta
Upgrading to Apache Airflow 2 Kaxil Naik
Guaranteeing pipeline SLAs and data quality standards with Databand Josh Benamram & Vinoo Ganesh
Deep dive in to the Airflow scheduler Ash Berlin-Taylor
Running Big Data Applications in production with Airflow + Firebolt Boaz Farkash
Writing Dry Code in Airflow Sarah Krasnik
Building a robust data pipeline with the dAG stack: dbt, Airflow, Great Expectations Sam Bail
An On-Demand Airflow Service for Internet Scale Gameplay Pipelines Nitish Victor & Yuanmeng Zeng
Airflow Extensions for Streamlined ETL Backfilling Ravi Autar
The new modern data stack - Airbyte, Airflow, DBT Michel Tricot
Building the Data Science Platform with Airflow @Near Manmeet Kaur
Modernize a decade old pipeline with Airflow 2.0 QP Hou, Kuntal Basu, Stas Bytsko & Dmitry Suvorov
Building the AirflowEventStream Jelle Munk
Dynamic Security Roles in Airflow for Multi-Tenancy Mark Merling & Sean Lewis
Apache Airflow 2.0 on Amazon MWAA John Jackson & Sam Dengler
Clearing Airflow obstructions Tatiana Al-Chueyr Martins
Building Providers & DAGs in the Airflow Ecosystem Plinio Guzman
Reverse ETL on Airflow Russell Dervay
Productionizing ML Pipelines with Airflow, Kedro, and Great Expectations Kenten Danas
Data Lineage with Apache Airflow using OpenLineage Julien Le Dem & Willy Lulciuc
Drift Bio: The Future of Microbial Genomics with Apache Airflow Eli Scheele
Usability Improvements: Debugging & Inspection Tooling Ace Haidrey, Euccas Chen, Yulei Li, Dinghang Yu & Ashim Shrestha
Autoscaling in Airflow - Lessons learned Mateusz Henc & Anita Fronczak
Building a Scalable & Isolated Architecture for Preprocessing Medical Records Mikaela Pisani & Anthony Figueroa
Advanced Superset for Engineers (API’s, Version Controlled Dashboards, & more) Srini Kadamati
Operating contexts: patterns around defining how a DAG should behave in dev, staging, prod & beyond Maxime Beauchemin
Airflow loves Kubernetes Jarek Potiuk & Kaxil Naik
Customizing Xcom to enhance data sharing between tasks Vikram Koka & Ephraim Anierobi
MWAA: Design Choices and Road Ahead Subash Canapathy & John Jackson