These are the sessions that were presented at Airflow Summit 2020. For other editions check the archive.

Title Speaker(s) Recording Slides
Keynote: Airflow then and now Bolke de Bruin & Maxime Beauchemin
Airflow at Société Générale : An open source orchestration solution in a banking environment Mohammed Marragh & Alaeddine Maaoui
Scheduler as a service - Apache Airflow at EA Digital Platform Nitish Victor, Preethi Ganeshan & Xiaoqin Zhu
Keynote: How large companies use Airflow for ML and ETL pipelines Kevin Yang, Dan Davydov & Tao Feng
Data DAGs with lineage for fun and for profit Bolke de Bruin
Airflow on Kubernetes: Containerizing your workflows Michael Hewitt
Data flow with Airflow @ PayPal Aishwarya Sankaravadivel
Democratised data workflows at scale Mihail Petkov & Emil Todorov
Migrating Airflow-based Spark jobs to Kubernetes - the native way Roi Teveth & Itai Yaffe
Keynote: Future of Airflow Jarek Potiuk, Kaxil Naik, Tomasz Urbaszek, Ash Berlin-Taylor, Kamil Bregula & Daniel Imberman
Run Airflow DAGs in a secure way Rafal Biegacz
Airflow as the next gen of workflow system at Pinterest Yulei Li, Dinghang Yu & Ace Haidrey
Keynote: Making Airflow a sustainable project through D&I aizhamal-nurmamat & Griselda Cuevas
Improving Airflow's user experience Ry Walker, Maxime Beauchemin & Viraj Parekh
Airflow CI/CD: Github to Cloud Composer (safely) Jacob Ferriero
Advanced Apache Superset for Data Engineers Maxime Beauchemin
Teaching an old DAG new tricks QP Hou
Ask me anything with Airflow members Jarek Potiuk & Kaxil Naik
Demo: Reducing the lines, a visual DAG editor Traey Hatch
AIP-31: Airflow functional DAG definition Gerard Casas Saez
Using Airflow to speed up development of data intensive tools Blaine Elliot
Autonomous driving with Airflow Amr Noureldin & Michal Dura
From cron to Airflow on Kubernetes: A startup story Adam Boscarino
Airflow in Airbnb Kevin Yang, Ping Zhang, Yingbo Wang, Cong Zhu & Conor Camp
Pipelines on pipelines: Agile CI/CD workflows for Airflow DAGs Victor Shafran
Production Docker image for Apache Airflow Jarek Potiuk
Airflow as an elastic ETL tool Hendrik Kleine & Vicente Ruben del Pino Ruiz
How do we reason about the reliability of our data pipeline in Wrike Alexander Eliseev
Achieving Airflow observability with Databand Josh Benamram
From S3 to BigQuery - How a first-time Airflow user successfully implemented a data pipeline Leah Cole
Building reuseable and trustworthy ELT pipelines (A templated approach) Nehil Jain
Testing Airflow workflows - ensuring your DAGs work before going into production Bas Harenslak
Adding an executor to Airflow: A contributor overflow exception Vanessa Sochat
Migration to Airflow backport providers Anita Fronczak
From Zero to Airflow: bootstrapping a ML platform Noam Elfanbaum
Airflow the perfect match in our analytics pipeline Sergio Fandino
Data engineering hierarchy of needs Angel Daz
What open source taught us about business Karolina Rosol & Maciej Oczko
Effective Cross-DAG dependency Rafael Ribaldo & Lucas Mendes Mota da Fonseca
Airflow: A beast character in the gaming world Naresh Yegireddi & Patricio Garza
Machine Learning with Apache Airflow Daniel Imberman
Achieving Airflow Observability Evgeny Shulman