These are the sessions we had at Airflow Summit 2023.

Title Speaker(s) Recording Slides

A Hypervisor for Airflow, presented by Astronomer

Viraj Parekh & Vikram Koka

A New SQLAlchemyCollector and OpenLineageAdapter for Emitting Airflow Lineage Metadata as DAGs Run

Michael Robinson

A Single Pane of Glass on Airflow using Astro Python SDK, Snowflake, dbt, and Cosmos

Luan Moreno Medeiros Maciel

Accelerating Data Delivery: How the FT automated its ETL pipelines with Airflow

Vladi Nekolov & Zdravko Hvarlingov

AI/ML is Changing Orchestration: How Kubernetes can accelerate Airflow

Clayton Coleman

Airflow as a Data Hybrid Cloud Orchestrator

Alaeddine Maaoui & Jilan Kothakota

Airflow at Asurion: Simplified orchestration at petabyte scale

Rajesh Gundugollu

Airflow at Bloomberg: Leveraging dynamic DAGs for data ingestion

Ivan Sayapin & Gabby Clavell

Airflow at Coinbase: How we supercharged the productivity of our users

Jianlong Zhong

Airflow at Delivery Hero: Running a data mesh with ~500 Airflow instances

M Waqas Shahid

Airflow at Faire: Democratizing ML feature store framework at scale

Rafay Aleem & Victoria Varney

Airflow at GoDaddy: From on-prem to cloud to PaaS

Amit Kumar

Airflow at Gojek: Streamlining data processing for Tableau dashboards

Wanda Kinasih

Airflow at Monzo: Evolving our data platform as the bank scales

Jonathan Rainer & Ed Sparkes

Airflow at Reddit: How we migrated from Airflow 1 to Airflow 2

Dave Milmont & Branden West

Airflow at Salesforce: Building a fully managed workflow orchestration system

Varun Srinivas & Raj Ramalingam

Airflow at Snap: Managing permissions, migrations and internal tools

Zhengyi Liu, Yuri Desyatnik, Han Gan & Nanxi Chen

Airflow at StyleSeat: Our journey, challenges & results

Kunal Haria & Ramya Pappu

Airflow at The Home Depot Canada: Observable orchestration platform for data integration and ML

Jose Puertos

Airflow at Twitch: Our recommendation system starring Airflow

Ritika Jain

Airflow at UniCredit: Our journey from mainframe scheduling to modern data processing

Jan Pawlowski & Jędrzej Matuszak

Airflow Driven Data Lineage In Public Cloud

Michal Modras

Airflow Executors: Past, present and future

Niko Oliveira

Airflow: Under the hood

Utkarsh Sharma

An Introduction to Airflow Cluster Policies

Philippe Gagnon

Apache Airflow and OpenTelemetry

Dennis Ferruzzi & Howard Yoo

Better Airflow with Metaflow : A modern human-centric ML infrastructure stack

Savin Goyal & Ryan Delgado

Better Support for Using Multiple Namespaces with KubernetesExecutor

Xiaodong Deng

Beyond Data Engineering: Airflow for Operations

Ryan Hatter

Building a Commercial Service with Open-Source Community Focus, presented by AWS

John Jackson

Building an Open Source Data Warehouse

Jonathan Leek

Building and deploying LLM applications with Apache Airflow

Kaxil Naik & Julian LaNeve

Change Management Done Right Across Environments and Tools: DAGs, datasets and visualizations

Maxime Beauchemin

Chase The Sun: Build greener DAGs with VertFlow

Jack Lockyer-Stevens

Circumventing Airflow's Limitations around Multitenancy

Anthony Kalsatos & Akshay Battaje

Cross Environment Event Based Triggers with Airflow

Kunal Jain

DAG Authoring without PhD, presented by Google Cloud

Rafal Biegacz & Filip Knapik

DAG Parsing Optimizations

Raphaël Vandon

Data about data: the case for a privacy centric schema language

Diederik van Liere

Data at Rest: Bringing granular quality into flowing pipelines

CJ Jameson & Mauricio De Diana

Data Product DAGs

Andrea Bombino

Deferrable Operators

Syed Hussain

Delay Modeling and DAG Connectivity: Optimizing Airflow performance in large organizations

Ahuitz Rojas

Demystifying Apache Airflow: Separating facts from fiction

Shubham Mehta & Uma Ramadoss

Eat, Sleep, Test, Repeat: How King ensures always-on data

Nathan Hadfield

Elevating Data Quality: Great Expectations and Airflow at PepsiCo

Russell Lamb

Empowering Collaborative Data Workflows with Airflow and Cloud Services

Stanislaw Smyl & Hoa Nguyen

Enabling Data Mesh by Moving from a Monolithic Airflow to Several Smaller Environments

Filip Kunčar & Stanislav Repka

Event-based DAG Parsing: No more F5ing in the UI

Bas Harenslak

Featured Panels

Featured Workshops

Flexible DAG Trigger Forms (AIP-50)

Jens Scheffler & Christian Schilling

Forging the Future: Five years of fabricating with Airflow

Madison Swain-Bowden

From Bug To Bug Fix: Tips of how to submit an issue

Diana Vazquez Romo

From Pain Points to Best Practices: Enhancing Airflow migrations and local development at

Roy Noyman

Future of the Airflow UI

Brent Bovenzi

Guided Tour to DAG Authoring

Jed Cunningham

How to Build a System Test Dashboard and why you Should do it?

Vincent Beck

How to use Data Contracts for Data Quality in your Airflow Ecosystem

Shirshanka Das

Introducing airflowctl: A CLI to streamline getting started with Airflow

Kaxil Naik

Lightning talks and event wrap-up

Manifest destiny: Orchestrating dbt using Airflow

Jonathan Talmi

Mastering Dependencies: The Airflow way

Jarek Potiuk

Micropipelines: A microservice approach for DAG authoring using datasets

Vikram Koka

Migrate Apache Oozie Workflows to Airflow and Run with Amazon EMR

Dipankar Ghosal

Migrating from Enterprise Scheduler like Autosys, TIDAL, Stonebranch to Airflow

Ramajayam Gopithirumal

Multi-tenancy State of the Union

Jarek Potiuk, Mateusz Henc & Vincent Beck

My Journey to Committer Status: What I learned and how it can help you

Niko Oliveira

Nurturing an Open Source Community is Like Tending a Garden

Julien Le Dem

Open Source is Pretty Secure, Actually

Dustin Ingram

OpenLineage in Airflow: A Comprehensive Guide

Maciej Obuchowski

Operators Need to Die

Bolke de Bruin

Opportunities to join the Airflow (docs) community

Laura Zdanski

Platform for Genomic Processing Using Airflow and ECS

Zohar Donenhirsh & Alina Aven

Reducing Cost with Async/Deferrable Operators

Zachary Bannor

Reducing Costs by Maximizing Airflow and DAG Performance

John Jackson

Reliable Airflow DAG Design When Building a Time-Series Data Lakehouse

Sung Yun

Simplifying the Creation of Data Science Pipelines with Airflow

Soren Archibald & Jay Thomas

Sketching Pipelines Using DAG Authoring UI

Amogh Desai & Shubham Raj

Supercharge Your Data Testing with a Fully Open Stack

Iddo Avneri

Supporting the Vast Airflow Community: Lessons learned from over 100 Airflow webinars

Kenten Danas

Talking With Management About Open Source

Rich Bowen

Testing Airflow DAGs with Dagtest

Victor Chiapaikeo & Aldo Orozco Gomez

The Why and How of Running a Self-Managed Airflow on Kubernetes

Parnab Basak

Things to Consider When Building an Airflow Service

Viraj Parekh & Pete DeJoy

To Debug a DAG: The Airflow local dev story

Daniel Imberman

Traps and Misconceptions of Running Reliable Workloads in Apache Airflow

Bartosz Jankiewicz

Unlocking the Power of Warehouse Allocation: Optimizing task dispatching for cost efficiency

Ben Chen

Using Dynamic Task Mapping to Orchestrate dbt

Pádraic Slattery

What Everybody Ought to Know About Airflow

Marc Lamberti